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OpenAIRE builds an open scholarly graph of research products (publications, datasets, software and other types of research products), linked to each other and to fundings, projects and organizations. The information used to build the graph is collected from the OpenAIRE network of content providers and is inferred by OpenAIRE algorithms. OpenAIRE algorithms are capable of detecting duplicates and mining information from the full-texts of Open Access publications. For more details about the construction of the graph, please check here.

Thanks to the Research Community Dashboard (RCD), researchers have a dedicated view of the OpenAIRE graph where only the research products relevant to the community are searchable and browsable.
There are several ways to decide if a research product is relevant to a given community:

Links: Users can "claim" that a research result is relevant to a community via the Link functionality of the Research community dashboard.
For more details about linking functionality, please check here.

OpenAIRE algorithms: Community managers can configure the OpenAIRE algorithms, in order to automatically assign research products to a community based on:
  • The content providers they have been collected from.
    Examples: all research products collected from "NeuroVault" are relevant to the Neuroinformatics community; all research products collected from the LINDAT/CLARIN repository are relevant to the CLARIN research initiative.
  • The projects they have been produced in.
    Examples: all research products of the project "Tara Mediterranee" are relevant to the European Marine Science community; all research products of the project "ARIADNE" are relevant to the Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage community.
  • The subjects and keywords (only for RCD serving research communities).
    Examples: all research products having "SDG11 - Sustainable cities and communities" among the subjects are relevant to the Greek Sustainable Development Solutions Network community; all research products with subject "agriculture" are relevant to the AgInfra community
Acknowledgement statements: Acknowledgement statements found in full-texts (only for RCDs serving research infrastructures/initiatives)